About the author

Terence Sherlock writes about Christian scripture and tradition for contemporary Catholic readers. As a catechist and faculty member, he leads adult groups as they explore Hebrew and Christian scriptures. For twenty years he served as a parish RCIA director, leading a team to prepare catechumens and candidates for full initiation in the Catholic church. Mr. Sherlock’s weekly column and blog provide exegesis and commentary about the Sunday Lectionary readings.

As a seminarian, Mr. Sherlock studied philosophy, theology, scripture, liturgy and church history, as well as Greek, Latin, and Old English. He completed his undergraduate degree at Niagara University and his graduate work at Villanova University. He continues to take theology and scripture courses through the Harvard Divinity School and Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. He is currently studying biblical Hebrew. His particular interests include the development of early Christian doctrine and liturgy.

Mr. Sherlock is the founding technologist at ConText, a business advisory services company. Throughout his business career he held increasingly senior positions in strategy, business planning and analysis, and software engineering in Fortune 50 technology companies, and has published several books on technical topics.

—Updated: 15 October 2018